Ride Along on the Biggest Surfboard in the World

On International Surfing Day, June 20th, 2015, 66 riders (me included) in Huntington Beach broke the world record for most people riding surfing a surfboard at once.  We did it on the biggest Surfboard in the world with a 12 second ride.  Weighing in at 1350 pounds, 42′ long and 16″ thick, this board was huge and definitely EPIC!

Nev Hyman, founder of Firewire Surfboards, sent the CAD design of Pro Surfer Michel Bourez’s Quad Shortboard to some amazing boat makers/waterman at Rhode Island’s mouldCAM and Westerly Marine in Santa Ana.  They scaled the design up 7.5 times bigger than the original board.  All of the board’s dimensions had to stay in the same aspect ratios for the world record to be broken.  Then they painted the board to be a replica of Hurley Sponsored Huntington Beach Pro Surfer, Brett Simpson and added the sponsor decals.

Pete “PT” Townend, First World Champion of Surfing, was the main man behind the board and was responsible for wrangling up all the amazing and talented people that coordinated this event.  The City of Huntington Beach and the sponsors made it a day to remember as we broke the world record.  I managed to win a spot via an instagram contest put on by Visit Huntington Beach. Check out my instagram feed @sambernal.

The old record was set by Nev and his pals in Queensland Australia in 2005.  They had a 39′ foot board and managed to get 47 riders.  The next year in 2006 they used the same board in Huntington Beach at the US Open of Surfing and caught a wave with 60 people.  The only problem was nobody called Guiness World Records so there was no judge to make it official.  This time nothing was left to chance and the Guiness judge was standing in the waves to count each surfer as we lined up to climb on the board.

Of course I had to bring a GoPro so I could remember this day forever.  I hope this video makes you feel like you got to ride on the biggest board in the world too!

I was so stoked I also created a T Shirt to celebrate the event! Originally they were for riders only but I have a few left over that I am selling for $24 plus Shipping. Get yours now because they will only be available for a limited time!

Team Big Board Gumroad Cover