Green Room – 24″ x 30″

Here is my latest stop motion video depicting the creation of ‘Green Room’ one of my more recent paintings. In under 2 minutes, This video gives you an inside look at my process to create a painting that took me 5+ hours to make.

When I first started making paintings using my current techniques many of my paintings were very small, in the range of 8″x10″ to 11″x14.” Translating my style to larger surfaces meant that they could take a very long time to create. As many as 50 to 60 hours for a 24″x30″ painting! While I don’t mind spending so much time on a piece I wanted to be able to create large works in a short window so that I could take a painting from start to finish in around 4-5 hours. Obviously a lot of detail has to be removed or increased in size in order to accomplish this.

The reason for this desire was to be able to paint at live events as entertainment. Part of the fun of being at event and watching an artist create is seeing the process and watching the painting form over time. Its just not as appealing to watch me work on a 5″ square part of the painting adding tiny details for 5 hours and I get that : )

I created this piece ‘Green Room’ to experiment with painting larger canvases in shorter amounts of time. It came out pretty well, what do you think?