Mother's Beach 640pxA few weeks before Mother’s Day I was approached by an old friend and Mentor who wanted me to paint something special for his wife. I gladly accepted and set out to make a meaningful piece of art worthy of their great family.

I looked up a few symbols of motherhood that I could incorporate into the painting.  I tried to imagine the perfect vacation for my client’s wife.  Since the whole family loved to surf I couldn’t think of a better Mother’s day than the whole family catching a party wave on a tropical island.

I included a mama turtles and her two babies.  The Mother turtle is often used a symbol of mother nature.


Mother's Beach - Family Party WaveHere is a close up of the family on their party wave.

The labryinth pattern in the sun is called a Tapuat and is also a Hopi symbol for motherhood.

I included one final symbol of Motherhood in the painting.  The Triskele is a symbol with 3 connected spirals.  I put this in one of the sun’s rays.  It is thought to have many meanings but one use was a symbol of motherhood in the celtic culture.

A lot of people have commented on the flower in this picture. I think this was actually the very first time I have painted a flower and I’m sure it won’t be my last.