I recently purchased a 1990 Vanagon Carat so we needed to take it on its first real road trip.  For Valentine’s day I got my girlfriend and I a stay at the Redwood Treehouse in Watsonville, CA near Santa Cruz.  It was fantastic!  Its about a 5 minute walk though redwood forrest and ferns to back of the property where the treehouse is located.

The tree house is basically a small studio complete with bathroom, kitchenette, and bed/living room.  It was really quite a treat to stay there.  The view of the trees from the bed is breathtaking.

After our stay in the treehouse we went down pch through Big Sur.  We made stops along the way and stayed the last night of our trip in Pismo Beach.  We had such an amazing time and we can’t wait for our next VanGo adventure.  We named the van ‘Vango’ since I am planning on painting it and turning it into an epic art van.  Stay tuned as I hope to paint it before summer time.

We also made a short video of Momo’s run through the woods to the Treehouse. It was pretty fun if not a little overdramatic : )